Discord Expands into E-commerce with Virtual Goods

The popular messaging service, Discord, is venturing into a new realm of revenue generation through the virtual goods and customizable digital tools market.

It's worth noting that this market will be accessible to all users, not just restricted to subscribers.

Previously, the company introduced an in-app store known as "Shop," tailored exclusively for Nitro premium subscribers. Its primary function was to enable users to personalize their accounts and digital avatars using virtual elements like hats and colorful animated graphics.

Peter Selis, Discord's Senior Vice President of Product, confirmed that this customization was limited to Nitro subscribers. However, the company has now decided to open up the store to non-Nitro users, a significant portion of Discord's user base.

Nitro membership is available at either $3 or $10 per month, depending on selected privileges, constituting a substantial revenue stream for the company.

In contrast to other social media platforms like Meta, SnapChat, and X, Discord avoids the digital advertising model. Instead, it targets subscribers who pay for special benefits like large file sharing and high-quality video streaming.

Users can customize their avatars within the new marketplace for $8, with Nitro members enjoying a 30% discount.

Unlike some platforms allowing digital commerce, such as the gaming site Roblox, Discord focuses on selling digitally designed goods specifically created by the company itself. Prices are comparable to those in other games, based on the perceived value by some consumers.

There might be users who wish to customize within Discord without subscribing to Nitro, making it an appealing option for a distinct presence on the platform.

Finally, the platform offers an opportunity for qualified developers in the UK and Europe to share in revenue by creating Discord-based applications for users to subscribe to. Developers can retain 70% of subscription sales.

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