Brazilian Foreign Minister Condemns Hostile Israeli Actions in Gaza

Brazilian Foreign Minister, Mauro Vieira, stated on Saturday that all hostile actions by the Israeli occupation, including the destruction of infrastructure facilities in Gaza, are unacceptable.

During his address at the Cairo Peace Summit 2023, held in the new administrative capital, Vieira emphasized the challenging circumstances and escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine, particularly the targeting of civilians by the occupying forces.

He expressed gratitude to Egypt and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for organizing the Cairo Peace Summit. Vieira added that Gaza has witnessed unprecedented levels of destruction, stressing the need to protect civilians and avoid targeting healthcare facilities. He emphasized that there are no winners in this conflict and called for an end to the devastating assaults on Gaza.

The Cairo Peace Summit 2023 commenced on Saturday with broad participation from representatives of various countries and international entities. This coincided with the commencement of aid trucks entering the Gaza Strip through the Egyptian Rafah crossing.

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