Amazon Introduces Passwordless Login for Enhanced Security and Convenience

Amazon has recently unveiled its support for passwordless access to customer accounts, allowing users to log in without the need for traditional passwords.

Customers can now set up passwordless access to their accounts using facial recognition, fingerprint authentication, or a personal identification number (PIN). This support is currently available for browser users and will soon be extended to the Amazon app for iOS, followed by Android.

Passwordless authentication serves as a secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords. It enables secure authentication across devices, such as Windows Hello and Face ID.

Another notable feature of passwordless access is its ease of use. Transactions can be completed with just one device, eliminating the need for additional authentication via a phone.

Furthermore, users have the option to combine passwordless access with two-factor authentication, providing additional security options.

Additionally, passwordless access enhances security by reducing the risk of manipulation and significantly lowering the likelihood of falling victim to phishing attacks compared to conventional passwords.

Dave Treadwell, Senior Vice President of E-commerce at Amazon, emphasized the significance of this step in realizing Amazon's vision of a secure internet environment free from traditional passwords.

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