Amazon Expanding Drone Delivery Service

Amazon is set to expand its Prime Air drone delivery program in 2024 to include the United Kingdom and Italy. Additionally, the company intends to initiate drone delivery operations in a new American city next year.

Initial delivery operations by drones will be conducted at specific locations in the United Kingdom and Italy before further expansion to additional sites over time.

Amazon also plans to unveil the specific locations for expansion in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy in the coming months.

The Prime Air program is integrated into Amazon's private delivery network, enabling drones to be launched from certain delivery sites on the same day. Customers can choose from a wide range of items for delivery via drones in the United Kingdom and Italy.

Customers can receive products via drones if the option is available in the area and if the product weighs less than 2265 grams.

Amazon has been using drones for nearly a year to deliver items to customers at its initial Prime Air locations.

The Prime Air drone delivery program started slowly and faced setbacks due to workforce layoffs and organizational routines. Therefore, Amazon is closely collaborating with regulatory bodies and governments to expand the scope of drone delivery.

Amazon also plans to commence delivery operations using the recently unveiled MK30 drone, which boasts an extended range and resistance to volatile weather conditions, in addition to its ability to navigate obstacles in the delivery area.

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