Adobe Brings Artificial Intelligence to Elements Releases

Adobe has unveiled new versions for 2024 of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. These releases are tailored for beginners looking to express their creativity with ease and efficiency.

These new editions come with numerous features powered by artificial intelligence that streamline the creative process. A new and modern user interface has been developed to facilitate application usage.

Adobe's artificial intelligence platform, Sensei, introduces new features such as an automatic object and background selection tool in Photoshop, enabling their removal, editing, or replacement.

This tool can be used to enhance images, including changing the sky, which is useful for transforming standard photos into more exciting scenes.

Sensei also allows for body skin smoothing and other automatic touch-ups using artificial intelligence. Photoshop Elements can turn photos into artworks thanks to the new Artistic Effect options.

Additionally, Sensei enables the enhancement of JPEG files to remove unwanted pixels, contributing to improving image quality and making them appear more natural.

In the realm of video editing, Premiere benefits from artificial intelligence to automatically create standout video clips from uploaded footage. This engages viewers by focusing on motion and high quality.

This update provides useful features for Elements users in a simple and easy-to-use manner to take advantage of artificial intelligence.

Finally, there are enhancements in Photoshop including updated color settings, the ability to save images in MP4 or GIF formats for social media sharing, quick editing options, aesthetic improvements, and instructions on how to quickly accomplish tasks.

As for Premiere, it has gained new sound effects and settings for creating unique atmospheres, a new visual design, and a set of education-driven program-based adjustments.

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