WhatsApp Web's Upcoming Feature: Searching Messages by Date

WhatsApp is currently working on testing a new feature aimed at simplifying the process of searching for messages within its application.

This feature will soon be rolled out to WhatsApp Web users. It's worth noting that WhatsApp has recently released several enhancements to improve the user experience, but the current focus is on enhancing the user experience on the web interface.

The ability to search for messages by date is one of the improvements in progress. It allows users to search for messages using the date as a criterion. This feature will enable you to specify the date you want to search for messages and then locate the desired message.

This feature will initially be released on the iOS application with the trial version of WhatsApp for iOS update.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has enabled the possibility of automatically verifying encrypted messages between users. This enhances the security and privacy standards of conversations within the application, ensuring a secure connection between users.

It's worth mentioning that this feature was announced earlier and has been tested as part of the ongoing improvements for WhatsApp.

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