WhatsApp Discontinues Service for Older Phone Models

Meta, the parent company of the WhatsApp application, has announced the discontinuation of service for some older phone models, effective October 24, 2023. This move aims to develop new features for users on the latest versions of the operating system, in addition to leveraging the latest security features and technological advancements.

Waleed Abdelmaqsood, a cybersecurity expert, stated that WhatsApp service will gradually cease for phones with outdated versions of both iOS and Android operating systems. He clarified that updating WhatsApp will necessitate a change in the model of these phones, as users won't be able to update the app through them.

He further informed "almasryalyoum" that this update is designed to safeguard mobile phone users from prevailing security vulnerabilities. He emphasized that the service provider must align WhatsApp services with the updates released by smartphone manufacturers.

He continued, advising users to keep up with technological advancements by updating their phone models. This can be achieved by performing an operating system update, connecting the phone to a Wi-Fi network, and accessing the latest version.

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