Trump Criticizes Biden's '60 Minutes' Interview, Claiming He Appeared Like a 'Lost Child'

Former American President Donald Trump launched a scathing critique of the "60 Minutes" program on CBS News following their interview with President Biden, which aired late on Sunday, largely focusing on the escalating conflict in the Middle East.

In a post on his Truth Social website, Trump stated that the Sunday evening news programs "should be ashamed of themselves" for leading Biden "like a lost child." He wrote, "Every question had an answer, and it was posed so weakly that it was almost a joke, and I apologize for saying that, but it was a contribution to the Democratic Party campaign."

He added, "Why should CBS get such a heavily biased party broadcast for free? They protect Biden despite him being the most corrupt and incompetent president in the history of the United States."

Trump's criticism of media outlets that he perceives as supporting his political rivals or covering his various legal and political disputes unfairly has been mounting for months.

Months ago, he also criticized Fox News for its coverage of the Republican Party's 2024 primary elections.

Recently, he suggested an investigation into Comcast regarding the content aired on NBC News and MSNBC.

During the controversial interview with "60 Minutes," Biden told journalist Scott Pelley that it would be a "big mistake" if Israel were to occupy Gaza while battling the armed Hamas movement in the aftermath of last week's attack.

Pelley pressed Biden on whether he believed that eliminating Hamas, which the White House labeled as a terrorist organization, should be a priority.

He responded, "Yes, I do. But there must be Palestinian authority," emphasizing the need for a path to a Palestinian state.

Trump has conducted interviews with "60 Minutes" on numerous occasions during the decades he spent in the public spotlight, and he famously walked out of an interview with journalist Leslie Stahl in 2020, describing it as "fake" and "biased."

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