Sony Introduces a New Controller for PlayStation Designed for Individuals with Special Needs

In December, Sony will launch a new controller for the PlayStation, specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience for individuals with disabilities.

This controller features large circular buttons, along with a joystick. This move reflects a positive gesture from the technology giant towards a group of players who have long been neglected in the gaming industry.

In this context, Gyzmo, a French gaming specialist suffering from muscular dystrophy, praised the precise design of the new unit, considering it well-thought-out, and commended the efforts of the gaming industry in facilitating the gaming experience for individuals with disabilities.

According to a report published by Scope in 2021, nearly two-thirds of players with disabilities face difficulties or challenges in their gaming experience. About 40 percent of them purchased video games they couldn't use due to accessibility issues.

The Project Manager at Sony affirmed that the industry's focus on making games more accessible is growing, and this trend is not exclusive to PlayStation alone. However, challenges persist, as individuals with disabilities have different experiences based on their unique type of impairment.

On her part, Gellert Milani, a German gamer suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, pointed out that the new controller is relatively large and may be challenging to press its buttons. Nevertheless, she praised the possibility of adding external buttons as an additional means to facilitate the experience.

Despite the availability of many devices in the market designed specifically for individuals with disabilities, such as those operated by mouth or breath, it is premature to compare Sony's new controller with the competition offered by Microsoft five years ago for Xbox devices, which also allows for the connection of external devices.

It is worth noting that the project began at Sony in 2018, where numerous designs were tested on three continents in collaboration with associations and experts, before reaching the final product.

It is expected that the controller will be available in the markets starting from December 6th and will be purchasable in Europe at an estimated cost of around 95 US dollars.

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