Qualcomm and Google Expand Partnership to Develop Snapdragon Wear Platform

Recently, Qualcomm and Google announced the expansion of their partnership to develop the Snapdragon Wear platform using RISC-V architecture. This collaboration is centered around the development of wearable products for the Wear OS ecosystem.

Qualcomm will be responsible for designing wearable devices utilizing RISC-V technology, while Google will focus on developing the software for these devices. Initially, the targeted devices are smartwatches, with the potential inclusion of other types of devices in the future.

This collaboration between the two companies marks a significant milestone, as Qualcomm will develop RISC-V solutions to fully support Google's Wear OS system.

Bjorn Kilburn, General Manager of the Wear OS division at Google, commended Qualcomm for providing high-performance, low-power consumption systems for their partners. He expressed enthusiasm for expanding the cooperation with Qualcomm and delivering a RISC-V solution for wearable devices.

On the other hand, Dino Bekis, Vice President and General Manager of Wearable Devices at Qualcomm, expressed his excitement about leveraging RISC-V technology and expanding the Snapdragon Wear platform to enhance the Wear OS system and facilitate the launch of new devices.

In addition to the processor, this wearable platform will support various features such as storage and sensors.

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