The Al-Aqsa Deluge: Palestinian Civil Defense Reports Over a Thousand Missing Beneath Gaza's Rubble

The Palestinian Civil Defense team announced on Sunday that over a thousand individuals are missing beneath the rubble of buildings destroyed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

The statement from the Palestinian Civil Defense further added, "Many neighborhoods have been cleared from under the debris, 24 hours after the airstrikes occurred."

Since October 7th, an ongoing confrontation persists between the Israeli army and Hamas.

As of Sunday, Israeli airstrikes have led to the martyrdom of 2329 Palestinians, including approximately 700 children, and injured 9042 others in Gaza. Meanwhile, Hamas has reported to have killed over 1300 Israelis, injured 3715, and captured more than a hundred others, according to official sources from both sides.

The residents of Gaza, numbering around 2.2 million Palestinians, endure extremely deteriorated living conditions due to the continuous Israeli blockade since Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006.

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