Jewish Rabbi Supports Palestinians: Wishing for a Swift End to Israeli Occupation and Liberation of Palestine

Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss, a Jewish leader, launched a scathing critique on Sunday against the Israeli army's violations against civilians in the Gaza Strip, categorizing Israeli practices as "criminal."

Rabbi Weiss, a member of the anti-Zionist Jewish group "Neturei Karta," expressed in a video posted on the "X" platform (formerly Twitter): "Killing, theft, occupying others' lands, or oppressing an entire people are completely forbidden in the Jewish religion."

He added, "Israel is a Zionist state. Being a Zionist and opposing Israel does not make you anti-Semitic. Zionists manipulate the Jewish religion for their own interests. Judaism is not synonymous with Zionism."

Continuing, he said, "I am speaking here from New York on behalf of our brothers and children in Jerusalem who suffer under occupation."

Rabbi Weiss affirmed Neturei Karta's solidarity with the Palestinians, noting that the movement has organized numerous demonstrations in the United States against Israeli occupation.

He concluded his speech by expressing his hope for a swift end to the Israeli occupation and the liberation of Palestine, emphasizing that hearts ache in sorrow for the suffering of the Palestinians.

Neturei Karta is a Jewish movement that rejects Zionism in all its forms and opposes the existence of Israel. They number around 5,000 individuals located in Jerusalem, London, and New York.

The Jewish movement was founded in 1935 and calls for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli entity, advocating for the return of the land to the Palestinians.

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