Israeli Soldier Killed and 3 Others Injured by Lebanese Shell

The Israeli army has confirmed the killing of one soldier and injuring of three others due to the firing of an anti-tank missile by Hezbollah on a military site near the Lebanese border earlier today.

The mutual shelling continues on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The Israeli army stated that an anti-tank missile was fired for the fifth time today from the Lebanese border towards a unit belonging to the Israeli army.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army's artillery targeted the villages of Ramiyah and Blida, along with the outskirts of the town of Marwahin in the western sector of southern Lebanon, according to our correspondent in Lebanon.

Earlier today, the Israeli army announced that four anti-tank missiles were launched from the Lebanese border, hitting Israeli sites, one of them in the settlement of Shetula.

It was further added that an anti-tank missile was fired at a unit from the Israeli army operating on the Lebanese border. In response, the Israeli Defense Forces attacked military targets affiliated with Hezbollah.

The Israeli army urged residents of settlements near the Lebanese border to take shelter and declared a four-kilometer area along the northern border with Lebanon a military zone, emphasizing the need for caution and refraining from entering this area.

It was stated that the preemptive disruption of the Global Positioning System (GPS) will be activated in combat zones to meet various operational needs.

The Lebanese Hezbollah party announced targeting a center belonging to the Israeli army in the settlement of Shetula, resulting in casualties and injuries, and hitting a tank on the border with Lebanon with guided missiles.

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