Israel Strikes Baptismal Hospital in Gaza: 1000 Victims and Widespread Condemnation (Timeline)

On [Tuesday, October 17, 2023], Israel launched an airstrike on the Baptismal Hospital in central Gaza, resulting in the tragic loss of approximately 1000 Palestinian lives and numerous injuries, as confirmed by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Timeline of the Baptismal Hospital Targeting in Central Gaza:

- The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported the targeted strike on the Baptismal Hospital in central Gaza by Israeli occupying forces.

- The ministry estimated that 1000 martyrs and casualties fell due to the bombardment, with others still trapped beneath the rubble.

- A senior Palestinian official stated that President Mahmoud Abbas canceled a scheduled meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden in Amman, Jordan, for the following Wednesday, following the incident. President Abbas decided to cut short his visit to Jordan and return immediately to Ramallah.

- President Abbas declared three days of mourning and ordered the lowering of flags for the martyrs of the Baptismal Hospital massacre in central Gaza, as well as for all the martyrs of the Palestinian people, according to the Palestinian news agency, Wafa.

- Egypt issued a strongly-worded statement through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemning the targeting of the Baptismal Hospital in Gaza, and called on all world nations to intervene.

- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared the attack on the hospital in Gaza as "yet another example of Israeli assaults devoid of the most basic human values." He wrote on the social media platform "X": "I call on humanity as a whole to take action to stop this unprecedented brutality in Gaza."

- Dozens of protesters attempted to storm the Israeli embassy in Amman following the deaths of two hundred individuals in an Israeli airstrike on a hospital in Gaza city. The protesters breached the security barrier and approached the embassy in anger, prompting security forces to use tear gas to disperse them.

- The World Health Organization, through its Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, condemned the deadly strike on the hospital and called for immediate protection for civilians and healthcare in the Palestinian territory, as stated on the "X" platform.

- Lebanese President General Michel Aoun stated on "X": "What we are witnessing in Gaza is not a war, as even wars have rules and conventions. What we are witnessing is savagery and brutality that have departed from all standards, under which legal, humanitarian, ethical, and religious principles are violated. By what conscience can the international community still consider these monstrous massacres as justifiable self-defense?"

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