Intel Promotes the Upcoming Major Windows Update in 2024

Intel is gearing up to update the Windows operating system in 2024, with the aim of boosting its revenue. This matter was discussed during the global technology conference organized by the City Group last month.

David Zwirner, the Chief Financial Officer of Intel, pointed out that 2024 might be a favorable year for customers due to the Windows system update. He explained that there is a need to update the system installation base due to the new release.

These statements come after internal documents were leaked hinting at Intel's Windows 12 system. It appears that the company is preparing to launch the next-generation Windows 12 platform alongside Meteor Lake.

Intel has also announced the Meteor Lake chips for mobile phones, set to be released in December along with an auxiliary processor for artificial intelligence. Meteor Lake marks Intel's first central processing unit with different chips for each component, manufactured using 4-nanometer technology.

Considering Microsoft's focus on artificial intelligence in its operating system, adding an AI assistant processor is crucial. Indeed, Microsoft has incorporated artificial intelligence features in Windows 11 through the Copilot AI assistant.

Indications suggest that Microsoft intends to integrate more artificial intelligence capabilities in future versions of the Windows operating system, even though they have not officially announced Windows 12 yet. The Head of Consumer Marketing at Microsoft indicates that the company is exploring deeper integration of artificial intelligence in the user experience.

Furthermore, Microsoft announced the addition of a dedicated neural processing unit to the Surface Laptop Studio 2, enhancing the features of Windows Studio Effects. These actions demonstrate Microsoft's direction towards emphasizing artificial intelligence in its upcoming operating system in conjunction with hardware updates.

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