Instagram May Soon Enable Users to Create Stickers from Photos


Instagram is on the verge of introducing a new feature that allows users to create custom stickers for Reels or Stories using their personal photos or images from other users.

Moseri has shed light on this new Instagram feature, which will enable users to create stickers from the photos stored on their phones or from qualified images they come across on the app.

Although Moseri hasn't provided further details, it appears that users will have the option to convert their images into stickers.

In addition to custom stickers from photos, Meta, Instagram's parent company, has also announced AI-powered stickers that will allow users to create personalized stickers for chats and stories.

Meta indicates that the feature employs the LaMa2 language model and the EmoG production model, which turns text inputs into various stickers.

Furthermore, this feature is currently available to select English-speaking users on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories. However, it is only accessible to a specific number of English-speaking users.

In contrast, Instagram's sticker feature seems much simpler compared to Meta's AI-driven stickers. With Instagram, you simply select the image's subject and remove the background, while the latter creates an entirely new sticker using artificial intelligence.

Instagram is also testing another new feature that will allow users to create polls in the comments section of their posts. The test is currently limited but will soon be available to everyone. The polls in the comments section will appear similar to those in Instagram Stories, and other users will be able to see the vote count.

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