Instagram Tests Feature Displaying Posts from Meta Verified Subscribers

Instagram's president, Adam Mosseri, announced on Monday a new feature being tested that allows users to view posts exclusively from subscribers of the paid Meta Verified service. This announcement was made through Mosseri's channel.

The new option, which enables viewing posts from paid Meta subscribers, will be presented as an additional choice alongside the follow and favorite options. It will be accessible by clicking on the Instagram logo at the top of the application.

This new feature could hold significant importance for paid Meta subscribers, as it could serve as an enticing addition, granting individuals a fresh opportunity to enhance their presence within the Instagram feed.

However, Mosseri did not specify the scope of the testing or who will qualify to utilize this new option. He encouraged others to share their opinions if they are interested in benefiting from this feature.

Earlier this year, Meta launched its paid service, Meta Verified, for users of its social platforms, Facebook and Instagram. This service offers features such as the blue verification badge and enhanced customer support, along with protection against impersonation.

The company initially began testing this service in Australia and New Zealand, then introduced it in the United States a month after the initial release. In September, it was announced that Meta Verified would also become available for business accounts.

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