Human Rights Documentation: Israel Kills 100 Children Daily in Gaza

A human rights documentation released on Tuesday stated that Israel is killing one hundred children daily in the Gaza Strip since the commencement of its aerial assaults on the seventh of this month.

The "Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights" stated in a press release received by the German News Agency (dpa) that it has documented the martyrdom of 1046 Palestinian children until last night, while approximately 167 others are estimated to be beneath the ruins of destroyed residential buildings, unable to be extracted until now.

Furthermore, the observatory recorded injuries of 3250 other children, among them no less than 1240 who require specialized medical care, enduring the bitterness of pain, loss, and the dominance of wounds due to Israel's intensive attacks on residential neighborhoods and civilian establishments, a blatant violation of the child protection regulations guaranteed by international humanitarian law.

It emphasized that the children of Gaza have suffered severely since the initiation of the current Israeli offensive, emerging as the primary targets of the ongoing "genocide" against Palestinians, resulting in lost lives, torn families, and devastating impacts on the children.

It noted that those who survived from the children of Gaza have either lost one or both parents, had their homes destroyed or damaged, or were compelled to flee with their families to escape Israel's attacks or due to fear of forced evacuation notices.

It pointed out the documentation of hundreds of photos and video clips showing shattered heads of the young, and fragments penetrating small abdomens and hearts, while the debris scattered from the residential buildings that were destroyed above their inhabitants has left hundreds of young children lifeless.

Moreover, the majority of the injured children in Gaza are afflicted with horrific burns, wounds from shelling, and limb amputations, in addition to record levels of psychological trauma and terror, all while being left without any secure shelter along with their families.

The youngest martyr in the Gaza Strip, Nabeela Nawfal, born on the seventh of October of this month, witnessed the commencement of the current round of fighting and was martyred just a week later in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza, as a shard pierced her delicate body.

The "Mediterranean Observatory" clarified that the impact on families and children extends beyond the numbers of martyrs and injuries, but also encompasses severe psychological effects, with their exposure to the halt of humanitarian supplies such as electricity and water, among other essential services.

It affirmed that the children of Gaza are paying a steep price for the repercussions of Israel's indiscriminate attacks, not only because they are susceptible to killing and severe injuries, but also due to the detrimental psychological aftermath that may haunt them for the rest of their lives.

It highlighted the dangers of a severe rise in depression rates among children in Gaza, especially in the event of the killing of a family member or relative in front of them, or if they sustain severe injuries, or if their homes collapse and their contents scatter, with some even losing their ability to speak due to extreme fear.

It further noted that these psychological complications currently threaten tens of thousands of children in Gaza who have been forced into displacement and are now displaced in the homes of relatives, in shelters, or even those who have been compelled to remain exposed in the open.

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