Hamas Reacts to Colombia's Expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador

Hamas commended Colombia's decision to request the departure of the Israeli Ambassador from Bogota in a statement.

In the statement, Hamas expressed its appreciation for the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' request for the Zionist ambassador to leave the country, following his criticism of the Colombian president's sympathetic stance towards our Palestinian people against aggression. Hamas called on all countries around the world to take similar steps in rejection of the aggressive occupation policies and the genocidal war it leads against our Palestinian people in Gaza.

Colombian Foreign Minister Alvaro Leiva on Monday demanded the Israeli Ambassador in Bogota to "apologize and leave," after the Israeli diplomat's response to statements made by President Gustavo Petro regarding the war between Israel and Hamas.

Leiva described Ambassador Galit Dagan's response to Petro on his Twitter account as "wild impudence."

The Colombian President likened Israel's ongoing attacks on the Gaza Strip to the persecution of Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

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