Google Introduces Wear OS 4 on Original Pixel Watch

Google has announced the launch of the Wear OS 4 operating system for the first time on its Pixel Watch.

The update will be rolled out in stages over the coming weeks, based on the user's mobile carrier and device.

This update brings many new features to the Pixel Watch, including the Google Calendar app, improvements in accessibility features, and enhancements in notifications.

In addition, a new feature called Safety Check requires the user to confirm their well-being after a certain period of time. If confirmation is not received, the watch will automatically notify emergency contacts.

Wear OS 4 also offers the ability to transfer data from the Pixel Watch to a new phone without the need for a factory reset. The system also provides a way to back up data and settings when preparing to upgrade to a new phone.

However, one of the new features of Wear OS 4, the Safety Signal, is only available on the Pixel Watch 2 with a Fitbit Premium subscription.

This feature enables the watch to connect to an LTE network to activate emergency features even without a mobile network subscription. It appears that the original Pixel Watch will not support this feature and does not appear in its compatible features.

In a separate announcement, Google revealed the Pixel Watch 2 priced at $349.99. The watch comes with a new processor and additional sensors, boasting a better battery life compared to the previous version.

The new watch also features faster charging thanks to a firmware update.

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