Google Targets Duolingo with English Language Learning Tool

Google has unveiled a new feature on its language-learning platform, Duolingo, aimed at helping individuals improve their English speaking skills.

This feature will soon be available on Android devices in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela, with plans to expand to more countries and add additional languages.

The new feature enables language learners to engage in interactive English conversations, whether they are translating to or from English. It provides tailored feedback to learners, prompting them to articulate responses using the provided vocabulary. Users can subscribe to receive daily reminders to track their progress and advance to higher difficulty levels during training sessions lasting between three to five minutes.

Furthermore, the feature offers contextual feedback, indicating the relevance of the response to the question, along with guidance on how to enhance grammatical rules. It also provides examples of responses at various linguistic complexities and offers alternative response suggestions.

Learners can also click on unfamiliar words to view their translations and understand the context.

This feature is designed using smart technology and artificial intelligence. The Deep Aligner model, developed by Google's translation team, was employed to link different words in translations. Text correction models were adjusted to work with conversation texts, and a separate model was created to provide contextual feedback in the experience.

Language experts, with English as a second language, were enlisted to craft the teaching experience. AI-assisted generated content was integrated with specialized content to deliver a comprehensive educational experience.

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