Egyptian Messages to Washington Amidst the Gaza Conflict

In the wake of the escalating situation in the Gaza Strip, Egypt's Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, engaged in a series of communications with his American counterpart, Antony Blinken, with the latest conversation taking place in the early hours of last Saturday.

During a telephone interview with CNN on Sunday morning, Shoukry highlighted the ongoing communications between the foreign ministries of Egypt and other relevant Egyptian authorities. Cairo conveyed several key messages to Washington, as outlined by the Foreign Minister:

1. The imperative of respecting international humanitarian law.

2. The necessity of addressing the extremely challenging circumstances and concerns faced by Palestinian civilians.

3. Ensuring greater protection for civilians to prevent them from being subjected to gunfire.

4. Containing the escalating numbers of casualties and injuries, particularly with the tragic loss of over 500 children in this conflict.

5. Returning to addressing the issue of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and putting an end to the occupation.

When asked if he sees a peaceful solution on the horizon, Shoukry responded, "We are always optimistic, and we always call for the establishment of peace in the region; to find a solution based on international legitimacy and international consensus on the two-state solution."

He emphasized that "the current circumstances are certainly very conducive to addressing this," explaining that "Egypt is currently focusing on the protection of civilians and meeting their needs."

Furthermore, he added, "We hope to contain this, and to be able to work more effectively in cooperation with the United States, to find a final solution to the conflict. It is challenging to do so while the military operation continues, but we believe that we must address all the different aspects."

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