Dropbox Unveils New Artificial Intelligence Features

Dropbox has announced a series of groundbreaking enhancements to its file hosting service. These improvements encompass a redesigned web application and the launch of an open beta for a global search feature powered by artificial intelligence. Additionally, a new video collaboration tool and upgrades to the artificial intelligence capabilities introduced last June have been rolled out.

Furthermore, Dropbox is introducing three new business plans, starting at $22 per month. The Essential plan includes 3 terabytes of storage, along with options for PDF file editing and electronic signature collection.

There are two additional plans: Business and Business Plus, priced at $24 and $32 per month, respectively. These plans offer additional features such as external sharing controls, report generation, and large file transfers.

The web application has been redesigned with the addition of a new navigation bar and improvements in file previews, as well as the introduction of a new action bar for file management and screen recording.

Users will have broader access to the artificial intelligence feature, which provides summaries for text, audio, and video files, making it easier to search for relevant content using natural language.

Finally, the company is launching a global search feature powered by artificial intelligence called Dash as a standalone application that can search across a variety of applications and services, including Google Workspace, Outlook, Salesforce, and Notion. Users will also be able to organize website URLs into smart groups called stacks.

In the near future, Dropbox will introduce a new video collaboration tool known as Studio, allowing for the recording, editing, and publishing of videos with artificial intelligence-powered editing capabilities.

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