Doctor Reveals Unexpected Insights about Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are not just flavor enhancers for our meals; they also bring numerous health benefits. However, Russian internist Dr. Igor Alentov has revealed an unexpected insight: overindulging in them during the autumn season may not yield as many benefits as one might think.

Dr. Alentov emphasized that with a balanced and healthy diet, there's no need for manufactured vitamins or dietary supplements, as individuals can obtain them from the foods they consume.

A Diverse Dietary Regimen

He further emphasized that the autumn diet should be diverse, containing an ample amount of vegetables and nutrients, much like in other seasons. He added, "Adding Vitamin D may be considered under medical supervision due to the diminishing sunlight in autumn. Generally, there is no need for other supplements, as the promotion of regular use of dietary supplements is marketing-oriented and not medically grounded," according to "Russia Today."

He also clarified, "The dietary regimen should incorporate dietary fiber found in leafy vegetables, nuts, and legumes. However, indulging in onions and garlic excessively in autumn (as per the advice of mothers and grandmothers) may not yield significant benefits. Their antimicrobial properties can only be effective if consumed in large quantities at once, which is unnecessary. In general, onions and garlic are merely good spices or supplements."

Regarding avocados and quinoa, for instance, Alentov pointed out that incorporating these healthful products into daily meals leads to overall health benefits, rather than being exclusive.

Meat Selection

He continued, stating, "Similar effects can be achieved by consuming traditional products like whole grains, nuts, and fresh vegetables, ensuring the necessary dietary diversity in the body." He emphasized the importance of opting for lean meats such as turkey, chicken, and rabbit. However, it's advisable to limit lamb in the diet, as excessive consumption can lead to an increase in uric acid, impacting joints, kidneys, and blood vessels.

Furthermore, he recommended replacing meat with fish at least once or twice a week, as they contain essential polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids vital for the body's natural functions.

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