Unprecedented DDoS Attack: Internet Giants Stand Firm Against Cyber Onslaught

Major internet corporations, including Google, Amazon, CloudFlare, and Microsoft, recently faced the largest known Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This incident has raised concerns about a potentially disruptive new technology that could easily cause widespread disturbances.

Google announced that its cloud services repelled a traffic surge several times larger than any previous attack, while CloudFlare's assault was three times greater than any previous incursion it had experienced. Amazon also confirmed being targeted by a new type of DDoS attack.

A DDoS attack is a type of web assault that operates by inundating servers with bogus data requests, ultimately incapacitating the servers and rendering them unable to handle legitimate traffic. With advancing technology, the potency of these attacks has increased, with some capable of generating millions of false requests per second.

The recent attacks on Google, Amazon, and CloudFlare were capable of generating hundreds of millions of false requests per second. These attacks were directed towards cloud services due to vulnerabilities in HTTP/2, the latest version of the internet protocol HTTP, making servers susceptible to fraudulent attacks.

Furthermore, Google, Amazon, and CloudFlare have urged companies to update their servers to protect them from this type of attack. The responsible party behind these attacks remains unknown, making it a historically challenging task to pinpoint the perpetrators.

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