Critical Health Situation in Gaza: No Breakthrough in Aid Delivery

The Regional Director of the World Health Organization, Ahmed Al-Mandhari, stated that there is no breakthrough in gaining approval from the occupying authorities to allow aid into the Gaza Strip.

During an interview with Al-Qahira Al-Ikhbariya channel, he emphasized that all aid and medical teams are prepared and ready on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing.

"The situation in Gaza is catastrophic, and the current priority is to provide medicines for patients suffering from chronic diseases and to ensure maternal care," he added.

He pointed out that there are approximately 25,000 pregnant women in Gaza, with an average of 450 births daily, all of whom require care, including the newborns.

He also highlighted a severe shortage in medical supplies for treating injuries caused by bombings, explaining that the organization has provided assistance worth four million dollars, with additional quantities set to arrive from the logistics center in the United Arab Emirates.

The "Aqsa Flood" operation continues for the ninth consecutive day, carried out by the Palestinian resistance on the seventh of this month. It was met with retaliatory attacks by the occupying army, resulting in massacres in the Gaza Strip.

The count of martyrs in Gaza does not cease, as the occupying army has targeted entire families, leading to a toll of more than 2,670 martyrs and 9,600 others injured up to this point.

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