Commemorating the Martyrs of October and Gaza in a Seminar at Assiut University

Dr. Ahmed El-Manshawi, the President of Assiut University, called upon the participants in the grand educational seminar titled "Fifty Years of October Victory: A Strategy for the Future" to observe a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs of the October War and the martyrs of the Gaza Strip in our sister nation, Palestine.

Among the speakers at the seminar was Major General Dr. Sameer Farag, a strategic expert and former Director of Moral Affairs for the Armed Forces, who is one of the heroes of the October War. This event marked the golden jubilee of the glorious victories of October, and it took place in the grand conference hall of the university.

Dr. Ahmed El-Manshawi commenced his speech by requesting the attendees to stand for a minute of silence in remembrance of the martyrs of the October War and the Gaza Strip.

Dr. El-Manshawi emphasized that on the sixth of October in 1973, Egypt crossed the formidable barrier between defeat and victory, between surrender and pride. It shattered, with minds and the hands of its children, all the barriers of blockade and despair. From there, it launched carrying torches of hope and light. He pointed out that the October Victory was, and will remain, the most significant event in the history of modern Egypt and the Arab world, in all its details. It transcended from being just an event into the realm of miracle, from the frame of war to the level of epic. What happened in October is not merely a war lasting a few days, concluding with the victory of the Egyptians. It is much greater than that. It is the story of an entire nation, a vast community unaccustomed to defeat.

On his part, Major General Sameer Farag expressed his utmost delight at being present within the distinguished premises of Assiut University. He conveyed his appreciation and pride to the university's administration, its leadership, and its youth for organizing this splendid celebration. He remarked, "Today, I see the finest organization and the most beautiful university among those I have visited," affirming the rootedness of Assiut University and its distinction in the heart of Upper Egypt. He clarified that this seminar comes as part of a series of educational seminars he has presented in several Egyptian universities, aiming to open channels of communication and constructive dialogue with the youth, and to acquaint them with the significance of the events and memories of the victorious October.

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