Carlo Ancelotti: Real Madrid's Requirements Come First.. Players Must Sacrifice

Carlo Ancelotti, the head coach of the Spanish football club Real Madrid, stated that some players must make sacrifices for the team, especially given the shortage of players in certain positions within the team.

During a press conference before the match against Sevilla, Ancelotti added, "It is important to know which position each player wants to participate in, but sometimes there are demands from the team, and some players need to make sacrifices."

He continued, "Camavinga, Chalermwong, and Rodrigo have already done that. Rodrigo is a versatile forward who can also play in midfield, as he did against Napoli."

Ancelotti emphasized, "My belief is that the team's requirements come first, and then individual demands follow."

In conclusion, Ancelotti remarked, "The team is performing well, and it will be an important week. The match against Sevilla will be extremely challenging. They have changed their coach and have a lot of quality in their squad, making it a tough match."

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