Apple Plans to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Multiple Products


Apple is actively working on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its various products. The company recently announced a feature for automatic correction based on a Transformer model via the iOS 17 operating system.

This showcases Apple's significant interest in AI, evident through job postings that specifically outline AI-related requirements. One such job opportunity on the App Store indicates the company's efforts in developing a developer experience platform based on generative AI to assist development teams.

Furthermore, there are endeavors to build an AI platform for voice and visual conversations to enhance customer service in the retail sector.

Additional roles encompass tasks like building technologies for long-form text generation, summarization, and question answering.

Apple is also in the process of developing prototype models and chatbot agents that emulate human-like interactions in the realms of AI and machine learning.

The company is directing its focus towards enhancing AI in its products and services, allocating investments of over a billion dollars annually in this domain.

Moreover, Apple seeks to collaborate with individuals who are working on ensuring that these models function effectively on local devices.

This emphasis on AI underscores Apple's conviction in its importance and evolution in its future products and services, particularly in offerings such as Siri, the Messages app, and various other applications. However, it is worth noting that despite these efforts, Apple has yet to introduce a tangible consumer product in the field of artificial intelligence, while some of its competitors have already done so.

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