Apple Announces a New Event to Unveil Highly Anticipated Devices

Apple has revealed plans to hold a virtual event at the end of this current October, during which it is expected to unveil new Mac devices. The event will be livestreamed on October 30th through Apple's official website at 3:00 PM Mecca Standard Time.

This event will be entirely virtual, meaning it will be recorded and broadcasted online without inviting journalists or media outlets for coverage. Apple's event page displays the Apple logo transforming into the Finder app icon against a black background, indicating a focus on Mac devices. The event bears the slogan "Scary Fast," without a clear explanation of the subject matter.

Reports are conflicting regarding whether Apple will unveil new devices following the announcement of the iPhone 15 series. Some reports suggest that Apple intends to release new Mac computers, while others affirm a delay to the following year.

It is believed that Apple will introduce an updated version of the iMac, which still relies on the M1 chip released in 2020, in addition to refreshed versions of the MacBook Pro. These versions are expected to feature the new M3 processors built on a 3-nanometer process technology.

The unveiling of a new version of the MacBook Air may be postponed until the following year, according to some analysts.

To watch the event at the specified time, interested individuals can visit Apple's official website or follow it on their official Youtube channel.

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