Sources to 'Alqaheranews': Israel Responsible for Bombing Arab National Hospital in Gaza

In a report by "Alqaheranews" it has been asserted that Israel is accountable for the bombing of Arab National Hospital in Gaza, thereby bearing the responsibility for the tragic loss of hundreds of lives and injuries.

The sources further indicate that Palestinian factions have not been observed possessing missiles with high destructive capabilities, neither in the current operation nor in previous ones. This is evidenced by the fact that these factions have launched more than four thousand rockets since Saturday, October 7th, with no comparable losses reported within Israeli territories.

The sources draw attention to the official statement by the spokesperson of the Israeli occupying forces, wherein warnings were issued about targeting several Palestinian hospitals, including Arab National Hospital. Israel, however, attempts to deny this fact in the wake of the negative regional and international reactions following the strike on Arab National Hospital and the subsequent losses incurred. It is evident that Israel is explicitly and unmistakably aiming to displace the population towards southern regions.

This revelation raises critical questions about the adherence to humanitarian norms and international law. The deliberate targeting of a medical facility is a blatant violation of the Geneva Conventions, which unequivocally safeguard the rights of civilians, including access to medical care in times of conflict.

Moreover, the disparity in firepower between the conflicting parties magnifies the ethical dimension of this conflict. The overwhelming force wielded by Israel against the relatively under-equipped Palestinian factions calls for a reevaluation of the power dynamics at play in the region.

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