Apple Unveils Deferred Features for iOS 17 by Year End


Apple has revealed the new features that will be available to iPhone users with the release of iOS 17. This new system is set to launch on September 18th. It was announced that three key features in iOS 17 will be postponed:

1. **Journal Application**: A dedicated journaling application.

2. **Online File Transfer Completion**: A feature enabling file transfers between devices over the internet.

3. **Playlist Collaboration in Music App**: This allows friends to collaborate on creating and editing playlists in the music app.

In addition to these, several other options and features in iOS 17 have also been deferred, including:

1. **Interactive Messaging with Any Sticker**: Users will be able to interact with messages using any sticker through the Tapback menu in the Messages app.

2. **Group Chat Follow-Up Indicator**: A feature indicating follow-up messages in group chats in the Messages app.

3. **Additional Settings Sync in Messages**: This includes options like forwarding text messages, managing sending and receiving accounts, and short message filters, all synced via iCloud.

4. **Podcast and Audiobook Playback Control in News Widget**: This feature allows for playing or pausing podcasts or audiobooks directly from the News widget.

5. **Favorite Audio Files Playlist in Music App**: Users will be able to create a playlist of their favorite audio files within the Music app.

6. **Smart Detection of Forms and Enhanced Auto-Fill in PDFs**: This feature enhances the detection of forms and improves auto-fill in PDF documents.

7. **Audio Focus in Apple Fitness+**: This allows users to focus on either the music or the trainer's voice during workouts in Apple Fitness+.

8. **Close Proximity Login with Apple ID**: Users can now log in close to their trusted iPhone or iPad with the same Apple ID when setting up a new Apple device for the first time.

A specific release date for these deferred features and options has not been set. It is expected that they will come with sub-updates in the future, such as iOS 17.1 or iOS 17.2, before the end of this year.

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