Trump: Attempt to Exclude Me from Presidential Candidate List Just a "Tactic" to Interfere in Elections


Former President Donald Trump has expressed his confidence that the attempt to exclude him from the list of presidential candidates under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution is merely another "tactic" to interfere in the upcoming elections, which cannot be applied to the 2024 presidential elections.

In a statement posted on his Truth Social platform, Trump stated, "Almost all legal scholars have expressed their opinion that the Fourteenth Amendment has no legal basis or legal standing for the upcoming presidential elections in 2024. As a means of interfering in the elections, it's just another 'tactic' used by radical leftists, communists, and fascists to steal the elections once again."

Trump pointed out that his political rival is "the worst, least competent, and most corrupt in the history of the United States" and that he is incapable of winning in a free and fair election.

It's worth noting that Democratic Senator Tim Kaine previously declared that the attack on the Capitol in January 2021 was organized to obstruct the peaceful transfer of power mandated by the U.S. Constitution. This argument provides a strong basis for excluding Trump from the opportunity to run for the presidency in 2024 under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

The third section of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows for the disqualification of any individual who previously held a civil or military office if they engaged in insurrection or rebellion or provided support for such actions.

Earlier, Trump stated that he cannot be tried until the end of the 2024 election campaign. Prosecutors have announced their intention to expedite the trial proceedings in this case.

Charges have been brought against Trump, including "conspiracy to defraud the United States," "conspiracy to interfere with official proceedings," "interference and attempted interference in official proceedings," and "conspiracy against rights."

On January 6, 2021, supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol and barricaded its doors for several hours. After the protesters were cleared from the building, members of Congress affirmed Joe Biden's victory in the presidential elections. Subsequently, hundreds of individuals across the United States were arrested on charges related to their participation in the Capitol breach.

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