Truecaller Unveils New Tool to Combat Fraud


Truecaller, the renowned caller identification app, has introduced a new feature aimed at helping users identify contacts engaged in fraudulent activities. This new tool, known as Contextual Search, relies on an artificial intelligence-based identity engine, enabling it to provide real-time data about phone numbers.

When users search for a specific number, they will receive notifications if the associated name has recently changed or undergoes frequent alterations. These notifications are categorized into three colors: blue for neutral changes, yellow for potentially suspicious alterations, and red for frequent and repeated changes, indicating fraudulent activity.

The application has also undergone a redesign of its logo and icon to distinguish itself within app stores, as many competing apps share similar icons and interfaces. The updated branding is crafted to reflect the new purpose, energy, and enthusiasm of the app's developing company, aligning with the significant shift occurring in the digital space.

Users can experience these new changes by downloading the latest update of the app from the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone users.

Noteworthy Features of Truecaller Premium Paid Version

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