A Massive Leak Reveals Microsoft's Plans for Xbox


A trove of leaked documents related to Microsoft's case before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has emerged, shedding light on the company's future strategy for its gaming platform, Xbox. These documents include slides outlining the company's plans for future Xbox devices up until 2030.

Most of the leaks focus on the updated Xbox Series X, which Microsoft plans to release with a cylindrical design and a new controller. This device will come with a 2-terabyte internal storage capacity and will not feature a disc drive. It will be priced at $500, mirroring the current model with the same storage capacity.

Microsoft also intends to release an updated version of the Xbox Series S with a 1-terabyte storage capacity and support for Wi-Fi 6E technology. These enhanced versions are expected to debut along with new controllers by the end of 2024.

The leaks also suggest that Microsoft will introduce an entirely new Xbox console by 2028, promising a hybrid gaming experience that combines cloud gaming with traditional gaming. The company is also planning to release a dedicated cloud gaming device without specifying a specific launch date.

It's worth noting that there have been previous reports indicating that Sony also plans to launch the PlayStation 6 by 2028, along with an enhanced version of the PlayStation 5 in the near future.

These moves are part of Microsoft and Sony's efforts to boost sales of Xbox and PlayStation devices in the coming years by releasing enhanced versions before the launch of the next generation five years from now.

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