Hurricane Daniel: Libyan Army Spokesperson Describes the Catastrophe


Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, the spokesperson for the Libyan National Army, has expressed that the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Daniel, with its devastating floods, remains as dire as ever.

In a phone interview on the program "Al-Hekaya" hosted by the journalist Amr Adib, aired on Friday evening, he stated that search and rescue operations, as well as body recovery efforts, are underway despite the challenges posed by damaged roads and disrupted transportation, compounded by the expansive geographical scope of the disaster.

Al-Mesmari noted that he had never witnessed floods of this magnitude throughout his life, even though he grew up in one of the afflicted regions. He affirmed that this is an unprecedented event for the area.

He described the incident as a divine occurrence surpassing expectations and the capabilities of the Libyan state, owing to the heavy rainfall. It is well-known that Libya generally experiences favorable climatic conditions. However, what transpired is an extraordinary occurrence.

He pointed out that the rainfall in a single night equaled what would typically fall in two or three years. He explained that Wadi Derna, a valley near the city, rises approximately 450 meters above the town, with a slope gradient exceeding 45 degrees.

Libya faced a destructive hurricane that led to floods sweeping through entire neighborhoods in the Libyan city of Derna. Thousands have lost their lives, and thousands more remain missing.

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