Deep Concerns Among Democrats Regarding Biden's Candidacy After Polling Setbacks


In the wake of declining poll numbers, deep concerns have emerged among Democrats regarding President Biden's candidacy. Democratic strategist James Carville emphasized the importance for Democrats to pay attention to President Biden's polling numbers, which indicate that he lags behind many Republican contenders in direct competitions. The polls also consistently show that many voters are apprehensive about Biden's age and whether he is suitable for the presidency. At 80 years old, Biden will turn 81 in November and 86 at the end of his potential second term, according to The Hill.

Carville stated in an interview with CNN, "You can't look at this and not say you're concerned. For me, to go on television and say I don't find this concerning at all would be stupid. I'm not going to do that."

A CNN poll conducted on Thursday revealed that 46% of registered voters said any Republican presidential candidate would be better than Biden. The President's performance was not significantly better among Democrats, with 67% expressing a preference for a different candidate.

The survey found that the President's age is at the forefront of many minds, with 73% of Americans and 56% of Democrats stating they are "extremely concerned" about Biden's physical and mental fitness.

Carville emphasized, "At the very least, you can say the polling hasn't been great, and it tells us, as you know, that voters are expressing some concerns here. It's very clear. There's not a lot you can say when you look at them."

He continued, "I think the best you can say is, if there's anything, it's worse for former President Trump."

Trump is 77 years old, but concerns about age that apply to Biden have not manifested in the same way in polls surrounding Trump.

However, the former president faces a series of legal challenges, and some Republicans worry he may be a weak contender against Biden in the general election, despite the President's own vulnerabilities.

The CNN poll showed Trump leading Biden by one percentage point. Biden trailed former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley by four percentage points, and he lagged behind Senator Tim Scott and former Vice President Mike Pence, as well as former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, by two percentage points. Biden tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis but outperformed 38-year-old businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

Still, Trump remains the most favored candidate to secure the Republican presidential nomination, despite his legal troubles.

Republican contenders like Haley are likely to argue that they are more electable than Trump in the general election, but it remains unclear if this will be a compelling argument with Republican primary voters.

Biden faces primary challengers in environmental activist Robert Kennedy Jr. and author Marianne Williamson, but neither is expected to pose a serious threat.

All of this makes the possibility of a rematch between Biden and Trump in November 2024 the most likely scenario in the general election.

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