There is no difference between renovating your old house and repairing your template, so choose wisely.


Sometimes the future is built on a single decision, and making a smart choice, free from emotions, can be the decisive factor between success and failure. 

Imagine a person who has an old house filled with numerous memories. They love its shape and design and feel a deep connection to it. However, as described, the house has become worn out and unstable due to the passage of time and poses a risk to the person living in it. Nevertheless, their emotional attachment to the house surpasses its value. They want to make a decision that maintains their emotional stability while solving the problem and danger of the place.

Therefore, they have three options to choose from:

1. Renovation: They can opt to renovate the house. In this case, the cost of renovation becomes the primary concern. If the house only requires minor repairs, it can be renovated and made better and safer. However, if the house has significant issues and dilapidation, the cost of renovation may exceed or be equal to the value of buying a new house.

2. Demolition and Reconstruction: The second option is to demolish the house and rebuild it from scratch with the desired shape and design, using the same budget that would have been spent on buying a new house. However, this option requires the person to bear the entire cost of building a new house. Can they afford it?

3. Relocation: The third option is to move to a different house. It may not have all the details that they love, but it offers the minimum requirements to be a good living choice.

These choices are not much different from dealing with an old template, especially considering that I work in this field, repairing and designing templates, among other things. Some people have templates that they adore but are outdated or have errors, and they want to fix them. They face similar choices, albeit in a slightly different context.

Renovation option: The problem with renovating a template is that the person repairing it may not be familiar with all its details and the potential errors that may arise from the repair process due to the original designer's coding methods. Therefore, renovating the template is not a practical solution. It leads to never-ending issues, and the cost is usually much higher than rebuilding the same template from scratch. Additionally, a simple piece of code missing from the template could cause all these problems, but finding that code is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The developer may find it immediately, or they may keep searching and never find it because the error could be in a tiny point or comma.

New construction option: Here, rebuilding the template is the better choice, especially if the template is old, unresponsive, and has numerous problems. However, do you really want to build a template from scratch and invest a significant amount of money? This choice can be difficult, especially if you are not financially capable of doing so.

Relocation option: In my opinion, this option is the most suitable for the majority of people, especially considering the difference between templates and houses. You can own a multi-purpose template at a very low price, unlike owning a new or old house, which is costly. Choosing a new template is much easier, especially with the availability of multiple templates for sale. That's why, in 90% of cases, I advise those who work with me to purchase a multi-purpose template instead of repairing an old template, as it is not the optimal choice.

What can be learned from this article:

1. Don't cling too much to a template that you like in terms of appearance but performs poorly or is outdated.

2. Don't let this affect your financial decisions and choose an expensive option solely because you love the template.

3. Don't assume that the repair option is a good choice because, most of the time

, even if you fix a template, it will eventually deteriorate, not due to the tool itself but rather the passage of time. In such cases, it's better to choose the option of rebuilding rather than repairing, or even consider using a new template that suits your needs.

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