Will artificial intelligence affect the future of freelancing and blogging?


Artificial intelligence has taken very dangerous steps in the recent period, after professional artificial intelligence software had limited access to a simple group of people, now it is in the hands of everyone, and after it was financially expensive, it became either free or within the financial reach of the average person

Will artificial intelligence affect the future of freelancing and blogging?

We will go back in time to the era of freeing slaves in the United States of America

In the late eighteenth century during the era of US President Abraham Lincoln

He issued a decree to liberate black-skinned slaves

Today, everyone applauds the liberation of slaves, Abraham Lincoln, and those who helped him and joined him

But if we review history and look at a more comprehensive view, we see that the liberation of slaves was a preemptive step for technological development

Now new harvesting machines began to appear. The machine operates with the capacity of 100 slaves and requires a small number of people to operate it. Cars began to spread. Animals no longer needed to move, and therefore there was no longer a need for slaves who clean and politicize those animals.

The world has begun to move towards providing labor and resorting to machines as an alternative. These slaves have become costly in the long term greater than machines, and their policy and restriction have become costly and exhausting financially and morally. Let's liberate them and give them their freedom, or rather let's get rid of their burdens.

But let's give the matter a beautiful picture, liberate them, what good good people we are!!! In addition, we are in a state of war, we want worthless soldiers to be put in the forefront, so bring us free slaves

This is the matter that is hidden behind the curtain of the freedom of slaves. Then, let us reduce the wages, as the labor is abundant, so that we give them crumbs to do great work, and make them competitive, fighting for a living.

Do not get my words wrong, I am with the direction of liberating people from slavery, but it must be real liberation, not changing the name. They tell you that you are free, but you will work like a slave to achieve their interests, and rejoice as you wish with the word free.

But what does this have to do with artificial intelligence?

What is happening now through artificial intelligence is not much different from what happened in that era, huge companies want to get money and see self-employed as an obstacle that robs them of the profits they want to achieve, so they make artificial intelligence and offer it at simple prices

And they say to people, we free you from the burdens of expenses of designers, programmers, developers and content makers, and we offer a free alternative at low prices.

But what will happen next? The largest group of people is already going to artificial intelligence

Professional programmers will not be affected, as their customers who want their creativity will remain far from artificial intelligence. They will go to them, and here the pressure on them will be great because they will become few and will raise their prices.

The novice programmer and designer who does good work, the AI will stop and look for something new to do.

Here companies will come and raise the prices of artificial intelligence, and those who thought today that they were liberated from the expenses of self-employers will find themselves in front of the exploitation of companies developing artificial intelligence, and there are no longer programmers and designers as before. Their prices are simple and they cannot afford the price of great designers. Its value is compared to a professional designer, but he will never get what he wants, he will find himself trying over and over again and he will not get a result that a young designer would give him.

Artificial intelligence is not creative. It outputs data. It will not give you the creative touch that a designer was giving you, even if he is not a professional.

I am not against artificial intelligence, on the contrary, I see it as a solution within a narrow framework, but if it penetrates and controls it, it will one day be a problem that is difficult to solve.

Now let's see the difference between artificial intelligence and humans

If you tell artificial intelligence to generate an article on our topic "Freelancing and Artificial Intelligence"

You will find a million articles that come out to you and good articles, but you will not find any of them that gives you what I gave you from a historical point of view and linked to a historical event such as the liberation of slaves.

And don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I wrote a strong post or that it's the best thing you can get

But what I mean by the human factor is only what might think outside the box and search for historical connections and connections on the psychological and human level.

Artificial intelligence will only give you numerical results as the statistics system

How do we act about it?

Believe me, I don't know, I can't say to someone who gets what they want for free, go support the designers and pay them money for something you can get for free.

Nor can I tell him to pay a designer $10 for a photo and you can get 20 photos for the same amount through an artificial intelligence program.

But I cannot suppress my fear of a future in which artificial intelligence controls everything, so human creativity disappears, and what we have is digitally processed content, far from any thought, creativity, or style of the writer or designer that adds a special character to their work.

What do you think, and does it concern you, or do you see it as a good step for the future of the Internet?

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