Why should you hurry to activate the new Lazy Loading feature to speed up browsing and not consume the Internet on your phone or computer?


Google has been working on improvements to its Google Chrome browser for some time, as after the new update the browser came with the Lazy Loading feature, which helps to significantly reduce the use of random access memory (RAM) by using the Page Lifecycle API.

Lazy Loading, It is a design pattern that is used on the computer level to download the components of the page and the texts it contains. Do not download all the images within the page until the user reaches that area on the page.

This practice is very common today, so we definitely noticed that we are scrolling through some pages that show us information, especially those pages that contain many images.

 Lazy Loading feature, and when activated, it will display all the components of the page in the part that appears in front of you only, whether it is through the browser on the phone or computer, and the rest of the images are not loaded at the bottom of the page except when you drag the page up to the bottom.

To activate this feature, you must enter the hidden settings of the Chrome browser, whether on the phone or computer, by copying the link below and pasting it in the address bar:

chrome: // flags / # enable-lazy-image-loading

You will find the Enable lazy image loading feature disabled as it is by default. To enable it, choose Enabled and restart the browser.

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