Instagram is testing a new feature


The social networking site specializing in photos and short videos Instagram is preparing to start testing a new feature for a number of users, and it is the feature that has been talking about for many years, and this is considered a new experience after a previous experience, and this experiment aims to improve the use of the likes counter.

Many notice that many users always face the pressure of the number of likes on the posts they put, as this matter may go to the point of affecting the users' interaction with the post, and this is what prompted Instagram for some time to think of a way to try to overcome this problem, and it has been Earlier, it started experiments aimed at improving the experience of using the likes or likes counter on its platform, and this experience came back again, but in another way.

Instagram has started a new experience in this context, which is the experience available to a number of users and will give them three options, firstly the number of likes and likes not appearing in general on all posts on the Instagram platform, or the second option that eliminates this possibility only on the posts of the concerned user. The command, or the third option, is to keep the same current feature without any change.

And unlike previous tests that were limited to a number of users in a number of countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Canada and Japan, Instagram has chosen this time to expand the base of tests to include all countries of the world, but it will remain limited to a small number of users.

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