Google Contacts adds a new function that reminds you of your friends' birthdays


Not only will Google Contacts allow you to have a more complete history of your contacts, but it now also gives you the ability to set birthday reminders. A dynamic that makes you forget Facebook to remember this fact.

Most users forget the birthdays of their contacts and even their friends. A problem that many have solved with Facebook, because it sends birthday reminders.

But if you are using the Google Contacts app, you can ignore Facebook dynamics, as the same app will show you this data. To do this, the app now has a new section for you to add the birthdays of your contacts, or those you want to remember.

Once you add this information, not only will it appear in the app for contacts who are about to celebrate a birthday, you'll also see a notification. Along with the birthday notification, you'll have shortcuts to text to congratulate him or call him.

Of course, you'll be able to specify which contacts will appear in these reminders, so that you're not constantly getting notifications of birthdays of people you don't care about or aren't close to.

Although this is a minor update, it will save you from relying on other apps to remind you of your friends' birthdays, and you will be able to manage all the information from the same app.

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