Reports : Germany may ban some electronic games for those under the age of 18


A controversy arose during the recent period in Germany about a group of electronic games that contain the "Loot box" feature, by imposing a minimum limit for playing these games at 18 years and over, and prohibiting minors and under this age from practicing them within the framework of this protection. Slide.

Here it comes to the concept of the Loot box, as it is more like a lottery, and it is also called a "prize or loot box". It is an important virtual item in electronic games that can be recovered to receive a random set of additional virtual items in the game, starting with simple customization options. For avatar of the player or character, for game-changing equipment such as weapons and armor, increase the strength of characters or others, it first appeared in 2004 until 2007, and has appeared in many free games and in some full-price games since then. They take advantage of it to generate additional income.

But a number of European institutions, such as the German Federal Council, view the Loot box as a kind of lottery, which means that this type of games of chance is forbidden by law for persons younger than the legal age for that and set at 18 years, which may pay the authorities The legal status in the country until the enactment of legislation prohibiting the circulation of electronic games on without this age, which means that many companies in the electronic games industry will be harmed, on top of which is Electronic Art, which developed the famous football simulation game FIFA.

It is clear that if a similar law is passed, the electronic games industry will have to adapt to the new situation by removing the Loot box additions to their games.

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