The arrival of audio statuses to WhatsApp officially .. This is the method that you can use


Since it released WhatsApp Status in 2017, WhatsApp has not stopped improving this functionality to make it more interesting for its more than 2 billion monthly active users. And so, after weeks of rumors, the Meta-owned messaging app has finally certified the arrival of voice messages to WhatsApp statuses.

In a post on its official blog published today, WhatsApp confirmed that after a few weeks in Beta, Voice States is now available in a stable manner to all users of the instant messaging app.

WhatsApp just announced the arrival of Voice Statuses on its platform, a feature that will allow you to record and share audio messages up to 30 seconds long as a status update. To create your first audio status, just touch the microphone icon that will appear on the status screen, record the audio and share it with whomever you want.

Voice Status in WhatsApp is very reminiscent of an app called Cappuccino, which allows you to share intimate and personal audio stories with your friends and family.

But that's not all, because WhatsApp has also confirmed that it is already possible to interact with emojis for status updates simply by swiping up on any status and touching one of the eight available icons.

Similarly, the instant messaging app has announced that status profile ringtones are available to all users. These rings appear around a contact's profile picture when they post a new status update.

  Finally, WhatsApp has also enabled link previews in statuses, in a way that the messaging platform shows you link previews to Instagram posts or YouTube videos that your friends share in their status updates.

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