Thanks to this artificial intelligence, hackers can hack any website!


A Cybernews reporter revealed how cybercriminals can use artificial intelligence to get step-by-step instructions for hacking websites.

ChatGPT can answer almost any question, so much so that many schools are starting to ban its use. Its capabilities are so amazing that five days after its launch, more than a million internet users have already rushed to the platform to talk to the chatbot. Hackers have also recognized its potential. This made Cybernews experts test the latter's knowledge of cybersecurity.

They asked him how to solve a problem he encountered in Hackthebox, an online community where you learn cybersecurity theory and practice through exercises of increasing difficulty. From inspecting HTML code to Cross Site Request Forgery, AI gave them five techniques for breaking a website's defenses with just one button. By asking the digital assistant relevant questions, the researchers were able to obtain the information needed to complete the challenge in 45 minutes.

OpenAI says its chatbot refuses to answer inappropriate questions. Where ChatGPT answers contain a reminder of ethical hacking guidelines when the question is sensitive. They also report that "Executing malicious commands on the server can cause serious damage." However, this does not prevent him from providing the requested information.

According to Mantas Sasnauskas, research team leader, ChatGPT is a risk as well as an opportunity for cybersecurity: “Although ChatGPT has been tested in a relatively simple penetration test, it shows that it can guide more people in discovering vulnerabilities that can be exploited. by others, which greatly expands the range of threats.

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