China also announces its intention to release a version of ChatGPT


Everyone talks about ChatGPT and advances in AI, but one tech giant that's just starting to join this futuristic race has been forgotten: we're talking about China.

The system created by OpenAI and funded by Microsoft has also become a trend in China and started talking about it in this Asian country, as the question that arises among Asian creators: "Why didn't we do it too?"

China is known in the market for advanced chatbots, but artificial intelligence certainly doesn't seem to be one of its big interests, since that country's tech sector is focused on inventions that can be sold quickly.

Jiang Ruxiang, a professor of sociology at Peking University, points to companies such as chipmaker ASML, which had to invest in research and development for many years before becoming profitable.

Moreover, training on language models appears to be more difficult in Chinese, due to its complex nature. Although ChatGPT understands the language, it is not easy for Chinese people to understand the nuances of their language using this software, so they started thinking about launching the Chinese version of it.

However, the top 5 companies with the largest number of AI patents are led by two Chinese companies (Tencent and Baidu), and Ping An ranks fifth.

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