The importance of security updates in Android, and why is it delayed in most phones?


From time to time, you get a notification on your Android phone asking you to download and install the new update in order to upgrade and renew the version, perhaps these updates are large in size and need to be installed on a high internet speed - many do not even have enough space to install - among the things that many people start downloading updates that They add new and cool features, and they ignore the ones called "security updates" despite their very important.

With regard to the "Android" operating system, the topic of updates is frequent, and it is divided into three types:

* Annual system updates: new features, an improved interface ... etc.

Monthly security updates: Fixes vulnerabilities, issues, and other bugs.

* Google Play updates: a type of security update that can add new features to the store.

Are Android security updates very important?

Who of us has confidential information on his phone that he does not want to share with others. In fact, there are many phones that have gaps that enable hackers to access your phone through the simplest information about you (such as the phone number), so every time a specific vulnerability is discovered, it is fixed to be presented in the new update.

It is worth noting that this type of update maintains the safety and security of the phone by repairing and maintaining it periodically. It can also benefit from a bug fix and a fix for twitches caused by any technical glitch, it is important to quickly download these updates in case you have a lot of recurring problems.

What is the reason for the delayed arrival of security updates?

When talking about updates, people think that every time a last update is issued, it reaches all users at once. Unfortunately, it is not what we expect. When Google performs a periodic update every month, in addition to the fixes, it provides that update to other partners (Samsung, LG, etc.) and they are the only ones who have the powers to either agree or not, and others can add to the corrections, or assign a team For review, which takes so long, which is why the update is delayed.

In fact, it is known that the official Google Pixel phones receive updates as soon as possible, and as soon as they are released, because they are produced by Google. Thus, everything remains with Google in terms of security and error correction matters.

It is best for you now, before purchasing a new phone, to think about whether updates are downloading quickly or otherwise - especially if you care about your privacy - and the years in which you receive updates.

You can get updates through the notification that you receive on your phone, or the settings button and then security updates, they will be searched for and give you the results if your version is updated or with an old version.

I want to alert you to the need to stay away from updating your phone through unreliable sources, for example applications or unofficial websites, these updates can lead to your phone in danger of various viruses, the most famous of which is the ransomware virus, and it will also be more vulnerable to penetration.

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