Facebook launches a Clubhouse alternative


During the last period, the voice-based social networking application Clubhouse stole the limelight dramatically, and within a short period turned into one of the latest new applications, prompting many parties in the digital world to try to imitate this success by launching similar applications, and it seems that Facebook will not be the last to enroll.

After a period of tests, the social networking site Facebook launched its new version of the Clubhouse application, and this application will bear the name "Hotline", as this new application allows holding audio seminars as in the Clubhouse, but there are also many additions, such as the ability to ask written questions during the conversation, In addition to that, the image can also be activated during the conversation, which in turn is not present in the original application. The moderator will also receive a copy of the recording, while the current version is still in its experimental phase.

Thus, Facebook is adding to a number of social networking applications that decided in turn to imitate the Clubhouse and launch its own alternative, so Twitter launched a similar new feature under the name Spaces, which is a voice chat room, and all users will be able to benefit from it, and the new update has been monitored on The Twitter app in iOS, where the new update from the company says, "We offer the Spaces feature, where live voice chats take place, now you can tweet and talk."

While the famous music application Spotify joined a group of applications that began preparing for their own alternative to the Clubhouse application based on sound, and this comes after the well-known music platform acquired the startup Betty Labs, which was launched in 2018, which is the developer of the Locker application Room, which was launched in 2020, and is in turn an audio application specialized in live sports discussions.

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