Xiaomi unveils the expected price for its highly anticipated smart electric car


During the last period, many rumors circulated about the Chinese company Xiaomi's desire to enter a new field that is completely different from its original field and the field of the smart phone industry, which is what the company confirmed after that officially in its recent activity, and now we got new news about this car New.

And Xiaomi had announced that it would invest a huge amount in the smart electric car industry, and the amount is estimated at 10 billion dollars over ten years, and it is known that during the last decade, transportation technology has witnessed a great technological breakthrough with the emergence of a number of projects related to this field, whether It is about smart self-driving cars, drones, and even flying cars, and major technology companies have invested in this field.

And the CEO of Xiaomi, "Li Jin", had indicated in a press conference on the Chinese social networking site "Weibo" about some details of the new car that his company is expected to develop, including details about the proposed price upon sale, according to Li Jin. The price of this smart electric car will be between 100,000 and 300,000 Chinese yuan, or between 15,000 and 45,000 US dollars, without revealing the features of this car.

And it was reported earlier and before the announcement of the Chinese company that Xiaomi, after the great success in the smart phone industry, wants in turn to enter the field of electric cars, and in this context, a report by the international news agency Reuters revealed that Xiaomi is in dialogue with a company Great Wall Motor Co, a Chinese manufacturer of sparks, to manufacture its new electric SUV (multi-purpose sports car), and the agency notes that the announcement of this partnership may be at the end of this year.

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