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Welcome to this new article, we pre-empted in the past topics that we will write a set of articles explaining to you the most prominent and popular hacking tools, the aim of these articles is to provide a comprehensive idea about each tool, how to use it and when to use it as well, and we will continue with you in Introducing new hacking tools every time so that we cover the largest number of them.

Caution: This article is for learning and getting to know the Wifiphisher tool so that you can understand the nature of this tool's work, so that you can protect your Wi-Fi network from Wifiphisher, and therefore we are not responsible for the misuse of this explanation and its use in hacking

 In our article for today, we will talk about one of the most popular tools used to hack Wi-Fi networks, which is the Wifiphisher tool, widely used by Wi-Fi hackers and testers for penetration, as it provides one of the most prominent methods used in hacking in general, and we will see this closely in This our article.

 Wifiphisher definition and explanation

 The Wifiphisher tool is an open source Wi-Fi penetration testing tool, developed using the Python programming language and its source code can be accessed, it is a tool that allows you to access Wi-Fi passwords by using MITM technology or Man in the Middle for Password capture.

 The tool can also be used to build a web page that appears on a specific Wi-Fi network and spy on everything that the user writes on the web page, it is related here to write the password of the Wi-Fi network after copying it and copy all its features using the Wifiphisher tool.

 The tool is supported by many platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and even it can be used on Raspberry Pi and Arduino chips, which is what makes it popular among Wi-Fi penetration testers.

 Wifiphisher highlights

 The Wifiphisher tool completely deviated from the Bruteforce operations and guessing passwords, and allowed new technologies that rely heavily on phishing or electronic phishing, as well as exploiting some protocols to receive packets and carry out the MITM process in order to extract passwords at the end.

* Operation Known Beacons Attack: The Beacons Attack is a process that affects almost every router and any network in this world, and it is essential in the work of the Wifiphisher tool, in this process you direct a huge group of Beacons (we can translate them as radiation) but in reality it is Just a fake network connection in the tens, you can imagine it as 40 or more people trying to connect from the same network. In this case, the network loses control over the connection and does not allow any person to communicate, including the owner of the original network or anyone previously connected to the network. This is the first step in the Wifipisher software, as now everyone on the network is offline and unable to connect from it as well.

* Operation Evil Twin: It is a very popular technique among people who practice hacking Wi-Fi networks, Evil Twins or the evil twin is a technology that allows you to simulate a specific Wi-Fi network with all its characteristics, then in the case of the connection from the fake Wi-Fi network it will be possible to obtain Network password.

 The process here requires working in two ways: the Beacons Attack and the Evil Twin, so that the whole idea behind the Wifiphisher tool is to disconnect the original Wi-Fi network and try to force the user to connect from the fake Wi-Fi network and then capture the password if entered.

 How Wifiphisher works

 The tool is simple in its mode of operation, it is true that it does not come with a GUI, but it is understandable and does not require writing any codes or performing any difficult operations, but before explaining how to operate the tool, you have to know how the tool works from its foundations.

 The tool first starts by choosing a Wi-Fi network that you specify, then it clones that network via the aforementioned Evil Twin and creates a fake copy of the network, then it applies a Beacons Attack in order to separate all the callers in the original network and expel them from the network and prevent them Of the connection and this is to get them to connect to the fake network. Then we move on to the social engineering processes here, so that as soon as anyone else connects from the fake network, you will be able to get any information that he writes from the Wi-Fi password to any other data he includes in a dedicated web page that appears to him immediately after the connection.

 In order to run the tool, you will have to download and install it as well (you need the Python programming language already installed on your device). We are also pleased to inform you that the tool comes pre-installed in platforms such as Kali Linux or Black Arch and other Linux penetration systems. Then, proceed with the following steps:

  1- Run the Wifiphisher tool, then give it some time while the networks near you are scanned and shown to you.

  2- After the scan is completed, the tool will tell you to choose the network number you want to apply the operations to, choose the number and press Enter

3- A window will appear after you inform you that the matter is now under trial and that the original network has been stopped and a fake network launched

4- If you enter any passwords, they will appear directly to you in the console as well.

 Wifiphisher Pros and Cons

 Of course, each tool has its pros and cons, as well as the Wifiphisher tool, and here are some of its advantages:

 * You do not need to guess passwords, which are one of the worst problems in hacking networks

* You receive a password in the form of Plain Text, meaning it is not encrypted, and you can use it directly

* Easy to use, does not require any previous experience, and the entire work can be completed in only 3 operations

 However, this tool also has drawbacks, including:

* Ineffective in networks from which a small number of people connect. Networks such as Internet cafes will be very effective.

* The webpage is still not entirely convincing to make anyone write anything, which would require a bit of stupidity in order to use it.

* Not effective against any informatics experts, of course

The tool is freely available to download on the Github platform

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